Dr. Ir. Zaenudin, SU

Dr. Ir. Zaenudin, SU is a familiar figure in various field of studies both in domestic and international scale. He has the capacity to be a efficient problem solver both in organizational skill and deciphering ideas into applicable programs in the real world. Dr. Ir. Zaenudin, SU earned his doctorate degree in the Faculty of Agriculture with field of study focused on Agronomy at the University of Gadjah Mada. Throughout his professional career, he has published scientific journals which were presented in domestic and international peers. Various professional positions have been assumed by him throughout the years, which range from researchers, teachers, consultants and business owner. Trainings such as Executive Leadership, Skills on Managemen Consultation, Problem Solving and Decision Making, Management of Human Resources, Employement and Industrial Relationship, and certification program of UTZ Certified has been completed and added into his credential as a qualified and knowledgeable member of SDS.

Ir. Abdul Mukti Nur, MSI.

Ir. Abdul Mukti Nur, MSI has earned his Master Degree from the faculty of Agriculture at the University of Gadjah Mada. As auditor, he has attended extensive training programs for Management Consultancy, ISO 9001:2008 Lead auditor and certification programs which include organic production and processing (EU, NOP-USDA, JAS), GlobalGAP, UTZ Certified, RSPO and certification program in textile industry. Throughout his professional career, he has published numerous scientific journals and articles which influenced his peers. With high volume of audit projects that he has completed, Ir. Abdul Mukti Nur, MSI is a well respected figure in auditing world and well known for his capacity, conviction, professionalism and his independency. During his active years as auditor, he has completed projects throughout the continents including Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Vietnam, China, Korea and other East Asia countries.

Dr. Misnawi