Idea is a man’s priceless possession. Inspiration serves as timeless reference. Dream is a life goal worth fighting for. Passion, dedication and integrity are irreplaceable components for a fleet to sail across treacherous sea to reach the final destination.

It was started from a humble idea from the founders when they met up in a hotel in Jember and driven by vision of a future in which human kind shall live in harmoniously with nature. Fueled by determination to give contribution towards a sustainable life style, the role as certification body was embraced and enforced to play its part in achieving a society as such pictured in the vision, then in the last of December 2007, Sustainable Development Services, hereinafter called SDS was born.

Supported by a solid and competent team and united with a common shared vision; SDS officially was formed on the 12th of January 2009. Jember, a modest city in East Java where scientific knowledge and philosophy for coffee and cacao plantation and production were shared and nurtured, was chosen to be the hometown for SDS office to reside in.

At this time, SDS has grown into certification body which has raced to the front of the line as of the recognized player in community thriving towards the future of sustainable world in which shall be a harmonious balance of human kind and nature.