Criteria for coffee canopy ecosystem are developed by Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center (SMBC) for the common interest and collaboration with other coffee sector entities (producer, retailer, trader, researcher and many others) to achieve sustainable coffee production scheme. Every entity who wishes to have Bird Friendly label on their products shall obtain organic certificate in advanced.

Apart from the coffee plantation site that has to undergo certification process against Bird Friendly criteria, all processing stages as well as marketing centers along the supply chain have to have internal management system which ensures that the coffee produced from the certified plantation shall be segregated physically for all processing stages including de-pulping, washing, drying, storage, transportation, other additional processing stages as well as marketing stages. In addition, documentation system shall be present to provide evidence of the segregation system implemented throughout the stages. All of the applicable organic production, processing and marketing standards shall be followed and implemented by the entities pursuing the certificate. To obtain certificate of compliance against criteria of Bird Friendly standard at all supply chain stages, entities shall receive inspection annually. When corrective actions are required as the result of the inspection, unannounced additional inspection shall be conducted by qualified certification bodies to ensure the effectiveness of the proposed correction action.