Dr. Ir. Zaenudin, SU

Dr. Ir. Zaenudin, SU is a familiar figure in various field of studies both in domestic and international scale. He has the capacity to be a efficient problem solver both in organizational skill and deciphering ideas into applicable programs in the real world. Dr. Ir. Zaenudin, SU earned his doctorate degree in the Faculty of Agriculture with field of study focused on Agronomy at the University of Gadjah Mada. Throughout his professional career, he has published scientific journals which were presented in domestic and international peers. Various professional positions have been assumed by him throughout the years, which range from researchers, teachers, consultants and business owner. Trainings such as Executive Leadership, Skills on Managemen Consultation, Problem Solving and Decision Making, Management of Human Resources, Employement and Industrial Relationship, and certification program of UTZ Certified has been completed and added into his credential as a qualified and knowledgeable member of SDS.

Ir. Abdul Mukti Nur, MSI.

Ir. Soekadar Wiryadiputra, SU was born in Metro, Lampung on January 4, 1955. After completing his graduate education at the Faculty of Agriculture, Gajah Mada University in 1981, he joined the Indonesian Coffee and Cocoa Research Institute as a Crop Protection researcher. Continuing his post-graduate education at the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Gajah in 1983 to 1986 and obtaining an award as the best graduate, Soekadar continued to pursue the field of plant protection, more specifically in the field of plant’s pest control. During his career, in addition to being a guest speaker at various meetings, he was also active in professional meetings such as the Pesticides Commission, the Indonesian Phytopathological Sciences Association and author of various scientific articles at the national and international level. As a researcher, Soekadar Wiryadiputra is the inventor of the environmentally friendly non-toxic coffee borer controller “Hypotan”, where this product has been widely commercialized in Indonesia. At the age of 65, Soekadar is a phytopathologist at the Indonesian Coffee and Cocoa Research Institute and founder of the Indonesian Plantation Expert Foundation. The joining of Ir, Soekadar Wiryadiputra, SU as a member of the Governing Board of SDS Indonesia, is expected to contribute a lot in the field of GAP, sustainability and of course food safety and environment related to pesticides and pest and plant disease control in accordance with the rules and standards of the certification.

Dr. Misnawi