Certification or third party verification scheme do not hold any value without the trust and confidence in the services we offer. This virtue is the core value that we hold on to as we grow into a recognized certification body. We believe that trust is the foundation of relationship that we build with our clients as well as every parties in our business conducts.



Every member of our team firmly believe in the mission of the company. With the same goal in mind, everyone of us has clear direction in which how we are going to move forward which is then direct the way we conduct our roles in professional world. With such mindset and internal monitoring, our work conduct is strictly following our internal Guidance of Conduct (Pedoman Perilaku). Professionalism is the culmination of competence, attitude, and knowledge which has become our culture which embedded in every our decision.



We are an independent organization with no affiliation with any other parties both in financial nor political interest. Every member of our company is aware of such policy and has declared of his/her commitment with signed declaration of any conflict of interest. This core value is one of the assurance that we can provide for our client in our objective, impartial, and unbiased service.

The core values mentioned above has become and shall always be the guidance of our professional work conduct and attitudes and how SDS shall exist in the certification world.