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UTZ Certified is a standard established by a private organization, with its headquarter located in Netherlands. UTZ Certified stands for sustainable farming of coffee, cocoa and tea and creating better opportunities for the farmers and their families, the processor(s) and its worker. The UTZ Certified program enables farmers to learn better farming methods, improve working conditions and take better care of their children and the environment. The processors and trader are able to learn and implement the requirements as the effort to make their business in line with the sustainability principles and increase their chances for the long-term benefits. Through the UTZ Certified program, consumers shall have confidence on the product that they are consuming with the provided information on the product’s origin and assurance of the processing system of Good Manufacturing Practices. There are two certification scheme available which are the Code of Conduct which is applicable for certification include producers (estate and farmer group with Internal Management System) and Chain of Custody certification for processor and trader.

As required by the Certification Protocol and the standard, Certificate holder must account for all sales of certified product. The certificate holder must register each transaction of certified product in the Good Inside Portal (GIP) or MultiTrace to allow for the issuance of sales announcement and receive sales confirmation. Prior to annual certification audit, extracted transaction from GIP or MultiTrace must be made available to the auditor(s).